Listening Tips of Arnoud: I hope that you also enjoy listening to “Lucky Chops”. Since some time there are circulating some Facebook films about a trio which plays in the subway of New York. They are called: Too Many Zoos, and the line-up is percussion, trumpet and baritone saxophone. Especially the baritone saxophone has to be seen and mentioned. His name is Leo P and he’s got some inimitable dance moves, painted hair and he plays his bari like no one else. The style of this trio is called Brasshouse which is a combination of Dance, Rock and Jazz. Leo P also plays in another band (which also is becoming very famous through there Facebook and instagram movies), “Lucky Chops”. Whith this band they play covers in a original way, they are still a brass band. The bass is played by the sousaphone. They play with lots of energy and there is always a “Yeah” feeling in the songs. Here’s a movie where they plat Adele’s Hello. Enjoy!