Blue Note Rollers

The Blue Note Rollers repertoire has got lots of variation to it and is therefore suitable for many different occasions. This variety in their repertoire is possible because Jeroen is not only a gifted piano player, but he can also sing beautifully blues, new-orleans, jive, boogie-woogie and rock ‘n’ roll. Rene Postma is the bass player and Arnoud de Graaff brings in the saxophone. Here you can listen to a couple of blues oriented recordings and that’s why they’re called ‘Bluesy’. In ‘Easy and Bluesy you can hear Arnoud’s baritone saxophone and he’s accompanied by Rene with the upright bass and the pleasant piano playing by Jeroen.


During our study at the conservatory we: Rene, Jeroen and Arnoud started to explore the American songbook which resulted in the Blue Note Rollers. We all discovered that we were fond of nice and cool jazzmusic. The kind of music that stars such as Michael Bublé, Jamie Cullum and Lady Gaga are nowadays playing at their concerts. Here you can listen to some jazzy tunes. Enjoy.


With christmas coming on you can really enjoy the Blue Note Rollers. Their christmas repertoire is filled with lots of different well known holiday tunes. Beautiful ballads are alternated with medium -tempo, up-tempo and extremely danceable christmas classics. Some of these tunes are sung by our own Bing Crosby, Jeroen Sweers. The Blue Note Rollers are always looking for an opportunity to give the songs a nice twist. This makes the songs suitable for almost any occasion. So let’s bring on the winter…….